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Cameroon’s House Speaker Chides Countries harbouring Ambazonia Separatist Leaders

Yaoundé (National Times)- The Speaker of Cameroon’s National Assembly, Hon Cavaye Yengue Djibril, has slammed countries, which he said, are harbouring Ambazonia Separatist leaders.

Speaking during the closing of the first parliamentary session for 2019 in Yaounde, Hon Cavaye Yengue Djibril said these countries accord a platform where Ambazonia leaders raise funds to sponsor the Crisis in the English-speaking Regions of Cameroon

Without calling names, Cavaye said great nations around the world and some NGOs have totally remained silent about the abuses of Ambazonia separatists whom he called terrorists.

The Speaker was equally disgruntled with how the efforts of the military have been rubbished by NGOs and the media.

He stressed on the fact that the forces of law and order in synergy with the population, have been acting with devotion and professionalism, indicating that every case of derailment within the forces of law and order has always been sanctioned.

After bringing out these points, Cavaye stated, “I wish to recall that in the course of these past years, the rulers of my country built a Cameroon in which the major objective is the respect, protection and promotion of human rights.”

The Member of Parliament portrayed Paul Biya as a man who has always loved and fought for peace.

The March session, it should be noted, was marked by the adoption of the bill on decentralisation as well as the death of Hon Joseph Banadzem, Parliamentary Group leader of the opposition SDF.


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