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Traffic Paralysis Yaoundé As May 20th Preparations Heighten

Yaoundé (National Times)-Traffic jams are on the rise in Cameroon’s capital city Yaoundé in spite of heavy police presence, as preparations for National Day heighten.

The situation was much appalling on Tuesday, May 14, as vehicles were grounded for several hours because of the traffic.

The streets of the University of Yaoundé I, Obili, Melen and Biyem-Assi were all paralysed.

Some passengers were seen leaving taxis and motorcycles to continue on foot, not knowing what was going wrong.

“What’s happening? What type of traffic congestion in the afternoon?,” one passenger wondered as he stepped down from a taxi.

“I can’t understand why there’s traffic congestion today. I’m already tired and passengers are not even out there,” one commercial motorcyclist told his colleague, who informed him that it was because some streets had been blocked to enable march-past rehearsals.

This went on notwithstanding the presence of traffic police on the streets. Newly recruited officers of the Mutengene Police Training College could also be seen walking up and down, whistling and waving at vehicles.

The problem gathered momentum last week when some streets were blocked to allow the military and other Government agencies to train ahead of May 20 National Day celebrations.

Major streets around the military headquarters, commonly known by its French appellation as Quartier General, are being cordoned off every day.

None-military or none-security vehicles are forced to squeeze themselves through alternative roads.

Some roads leading to the Mokolo Market are also under construction, diverting traffic to secondary roads.

May 20 is celebrated every year in Cameroon as the day of national unity where the Federal from of State was abolished in favour of a Unitary State.

This year’s event, the 47th, comes at a time when national unity is under serious threat as separatist fighters preach secession in English-speaking Cameroon.

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