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Violent Storm Destroys Building Of Popular Yaoundé Supermarket

Yaoundé (National Times)-Violent rain and wind on Saturday destroyed the building housing a popular supermarket in the Mvan neighbourhood of Yaoundé.

The rains, which started at about 4:30 pm swept through most of Yaoundé including the Omnisport neighbourhood which houses the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, venue for the match between Cameroon and Comoros.

The winds pulled-off the roof of the building part of which was under construction and deposited the debris on the main road. According to the Manager of the Santa Lucia supermarket, Michel Wabo, no deaths were recorded but some persons were wounded and transported to the hospital.

He also confirmed that a good number of vehicles parked around the supermarket were also touched by the roof top which went flying.

Immediately the incident was reported, elements of the police and the Army Rescue Unit went to the area and with the help of the population removed the debris which punctured traffic flow for some time given the fact that Mvan houses the biggest motor park in Yaoundé.

It is not uncommon for winds to destroy buildings in Yaoundé. Few weeks, it was the turn of a private school in Etoudi. Moreover, when it rains in Yaoundé, most neighbourhoods including the Central Post Roundabout are flooded with water because of the poor drainage system.


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