Victims Of Anglophone Crisis Perish In Road Crash

May 1, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

Eyewitnesses narrated that, the duo died at the scene of the accident after a collision between truck and another vehicle. One of the victims who was earning a living through commercial bike riding. One of the bodies was disfigured as a bike was damaged beyond repair following the accident.

‘Ambazonia’s ‘General’ Ayekeh Dies Again, ‘Fugitive’ Field Marshal’ Talks Tough

May 1, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

In a video showing the lifeless body of a man believed to be Ayekeh, voices are heard declaring that, the next in line is the leader of the red dragon Oliver Fobenueh Leke aka ‘Field Marshal’.The men overheard speaking in the video in the French language are presumed to be soldiers.
The morphology of the lifeless body in this recent video is similar to that which surfaced at the close of March this year. The man seen in both videos has dreads

Minister Threatens Repressive Actions On Employers Of Domestic Workers

May 1, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

The minister announced that, government gave a three years period of Grace for all employers of domestic servants to regularise their situation with the state but many have failed to do so. He went further to disclose that in the days ahead Labour Inspectors would go to the field to put order in this sector. It is yet to be seen how these measures would be implemented.