EU Statement On ‘Ambazonia War’ Rattles Cameroon’s ‘Dormant’ Senate

April 21, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

“ The Senate of the republic of Cameroon which stands proud of its good cooperation ties with the European Parliament, and overall, that of the state of Cameroon with all the institutions of the European Union shall be delighted to host a delegation of European MPS in its country, so the latter make their own opinion on the socio-political and security situation of Cameroon”. Niat wrote.

Is France Blocking International Community From Intervening In Anglophone Crisis?

April 21, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

At the end of the day, the EU parliament could only condemn the atrocities committed by both government forces and armed separatists as well as call for ceasefire and dialogue.
Defending her country’s position, Hon Dominique Bilde of Rassemblement National and Member of the EU parliament praised the Biya regime for its fight against Boko Haram adding that the hospitality of the regime has ensured that thousands of Nigerian refugees are being hosted in Cameroon.

‘Good Friday’ Turns Sour As Missing Woman’s Corpse Is Found In Lake

April 19, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

In the midst of agony, locals retrieved the corpse from the Lake and buried it while many continue to ponder over what the future holds as insecurity linked to the Anglophone crisis continues to claim many lives.
Friday’s discovery spoiled the ‘Good Friday’ celebrations for acquaintances of the deceased and other locals in Wum as Christians commemorated the crucifixion of Christ. The atmosphere was somber.
Menchum Division has had repeated instances of controversial killings of civilians. Usually, it has been a situation of accusations and counter accusations from gunmen suspected to be separatists’ agents and security forces.

After Murder Of Prison Guard, Boko Haram Strikes Again, Kill 9, Set Village Ablaze

April 19, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

The suspected Boko Haram agents reports hold invaded the locality on board motorcycles and other vehicles. They killed locals among them women and children. Locals intimated that, some persons were even thrown in the blazing flames that razed homes.
A contingent of security forces under the aegis of the multinational joint task force with mission to fight the sect later stormed the locality. The military engagement is said to be what slowed the suspected terrorists.

Gunmen Kidnap, Kill Retired Police Officer, Collect FCFA 1 Million Ransom

April 19, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

Mbua’s explanations are said to have fallen on deaf ears. The gunmen are said to have taken him to an unknown destination. While in captivity, reports hold that, the gunmen reportedly collected a ransom of FCFA 1milllion from the family of the retired security officer.
Days after, accounts hold that Mbua’s killers disfigured his face. His eyes are reported to have been mutilated and removed afterwards.

Crisis Freezes World Bank, African Dev’t Bank Projects Worth FCFA Billions For Kumba

April 19, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

Speaking at a session of the Kumba City Council (KCC) on Tuesday April 16th, the Government Delegate Ngoh Nkelle Victor declared that “ the present sociopolitical crisis in our region is not only a major impediment towards the collection of our local revenue but also a great hurldle to our development process.
It is grievous to announce that, the World Bank project for the entire Kosala-Pulletin Quarters has been postponed indefinitely due to the current crisis. Same story goes with the big project to be sponsored by the African Development Bank” Ngoh stated.

Councilor Petitions Government To Support Burial Of Abandoned Corpses

April 19, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

Ndima said they have credible reports of at least five abandoned corpses at the Ikiliwindi Weighing Station. He also cited Wone village within the same municipality as suffering from same.
Reminded that the duty of the council also touch on the burial of abandoned corpses, the former deputy mayor admitted but averred that, the case of the Anglophone crisis is different. He said the council and population have tried in other circumstances. To him, the magnitude of the abandoned corpses now warrants state support to prevent a health disaster across the municipality.

Suspect Arrested Over Murder Of Iconic Music Producer Jean Piere Saah

April 19, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

The suspect reports hold is a biker not unconnected with drug trafficking business. In the meantime, other accounts hold that, the suspect was ferried to Douala, Littoral Region as more findings remain underway.
If the phones discovered in the suspect’s keeping are ascertained to be those of the music producer, then, investigators may begin to make in routes into the shocking asphyxiation of Jean Piere Saah.