Champions’ league semi-finals still a debatable topic on the lips of most football fans in Cameroon

The dust is yet to settle as fans continue to talk about the just ended semi-finals of the champions League, which saw Real Madrid and Liverpool qualified for the final of 2018 champions’ league.

Cameroonians especially lovers of the game of soccer have argued day and night after the game, to Johnson Egbe from Limbe Real Madrid are the favourites to win the cup “I am confident and I know fully well that my side will carry the day”. To another fan from Buea Motu Genius, his side Liverpool have improved with the coming of Jurgen klopp the team manager. “I am extremely satisfied with this game especially after Jurgen Klopp arrived at Liverpool, which had not been to the champions’ league for more than 10 year’s”.

Cameroonians love and adore the European Champions League more than their local championships. This can be seen when the stadiums are purely empty on match days whereas it is common to fine so many eyes glued to television screens during the champions league matches.

Real Madrid will confront Liverpool for the great final on the 27 may 2018.

Liverpool has had an edge over Real Madrid in their 5 confrontations.

1981 Real M 0  vs  Liverpool 1 [final]

  2009 R M 0      vs     Liverpool 1

  2009 Liverpool 4   vs   R M  0

 2014 Liverpool 0    vs   R M  3

 2014 R M    1     vs    Liverpool 0