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New record label to boast Cameroon’s entertainment industry

The doors of a new record label called “One of a Kind Entertainment” will soon slam open in the South West Regional capital of Cameroon.

The record label will be inaugurated on Sunday, May 27, 2018, in Buea. According to one of the promoters Mr Fonteh Collins Mbi, the record label is out to change the entertainment industry by bringing to the spotlight young talented artists who finds it difficult to produce their music and at the same time break the monopoly power over other record labels in this part of the country.

One of a kind entertainment, will add to the few record label in Buea , like  Alpha Beta Records, which has produced one of the finest artistes in Cameroon like Mr.Leo ,Daphne and Blanche Bailey.

Upcoming New Record Label

The Promoters of this emerging record label “one of a kind entertainment” say they are looking for ways to support the entertainment industry in Cameroon by organising yearly musical festival and awards, getting a well equipped audiovisual facility for production, provide training to talented and passionate artists to improve and maintain the standards of the country’s music and change the way the world view Cameroon entertainment industry.

If all these is put in the place the Cameroon entertainment industry will contribute enormously to the country’s economy like the case of Nigeria.

Many Cameroonians think that the music sector in Cameroon is gaining grounds in recent times. The earliest recorded popular music in Cameroon dates as far back as the 1930s with the Accordions and the Ambasse Bay music in the most popular town of Cameroon like Douala with musicians like Nelle Eyoum and Lobe Lobe, finding a local audience.

Cameroon is taking back the front seat of music in the African continent.

According to experts, Cameroons Makossa rhythm is often referred to as the Mother of modern Africa music.  After independence in the 60s, Cameroon started with Makossa, a rhythm that was just introduced and shortly after, Cameroonians saw the popularisation of a native folk music called Bikutsi. Bikutsi is based on a war rhythm played with various rattles and drums and xylophone.

Sung by women, Bikutsi featured sexually explicit lyrics and songs about everyday problems. In a popularised form, Bikutsi gained mainstream success in the 1960s. Late Anne-Marie Nzié was perhaps the most important of the early innovators and by 1972, Cameroon hit headlines music around the world with Soul Makossa done by Manu Dibango, which was later remixed by Michael Jackson in the album” Thriller”.

Cameroon dominated music on the African continent with musicians like Prince Eyango , Ben Decca ,Grace Decca  and by 1985 Cameroon was beaten again by the Congolese musicians, who came up with Ndombolo which became an anthem for Africa.

Artists like Papa Wembe, Koffi  Olomide  and groups like Extra Musical leapt to the limelight . By 1990, the Congolese were top of the game, and in 2000, the Ivoirians came up with Coupe’Decale  that dominated the continent .In 2010, the Nigerians came up  with afrobeat with Musicians like P Square, 2 face, Don Jazzy and here we are in 2018 Cameroon is coming up strong with guys like X-Maleya  Locko, Mr. Leo, Daphne, Blanche Bailey and Naturally Chalotte Dipanda.