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Anglophone Crisis: 12,000 pupils in SW brave gunshots to sit for Common Entrance Examination

Pupils and education stakeholders in the South West Region of Cameroon, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, woke up to a promising morning and headed for the various accommodation centres for the written part of the 2018 Common Entrance Examination for the Anglophone Sub System of Education and the ‘Concur d’entree en 6eme’ for the French Sub System of Education.

Barely few minutes into the examinations, some unidentified gunmen reportedly stormed the accommodation centre in Muea and attempted to disruption the exams, but the invigilator took pre-emptive measure and transferred the pupils to the Bonduma accommodation centre.

Minister of Basic Education before the start of the Common Entrance

While in Bonduma, the same gunmen surfaced on a bike and a Toyata hilux and started firing gunshots in the air.  There was total fear and consternation, as the pupils started running out of the classrooms, but they were restrained by their teachers and some security forces that were deployed to the various accommodation centres to keep guard on the accommodation centres.

Meanwhile, early that morning, some parents who had taken their children to write the examination, pitched their tents outside the school campus and where waiting for them to finish. When the gunmen stormed the area, parents started scrambling to take their children home.

The scenario at Bilingualism Grammar School (BGS) and Government Technical High School Molyko was even dramatic because when students heard the gunshots, they started scrambling to go home. Some were even scaling the fence just to get out of the campus.

Meanwhile, the policemen on guard watched with consternation as the students were scampering for their lives. However, in the midst of all of this, security was beefed up in the Region to keep the gunmen in check.

Because of the repeated gun threats, the Common Entrance Examination which was supposed to be written for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) was written only for a day.

It would be recalled that before the attempted disruption of the examination, information has been circulating on social media that gunmen were planning to disrupt the National Day celebration in Buea. But the administration has assured the population that the security forces will safeguard both men and property.