Anglophone Crisis: Yaoundé Military Tribunal slams heavy jail terms on Anglophone Detainees

The President of the Yaoundé Military Tribunal, Colonel Abega Mbezoa epse Eko Eko, yesterday passed her verdict on some seven Anglophones who were arrested in Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon and ferried into detention in Yaounde

The trial of the seven civilians in a Military Tribunal has been ongoing for the past 16 months before Colonel Abega Mbezoa decided to end the lengthy legal proceedings.

The accused viz: Mancho Bibixy, Tsi Conrad, Emile Agwei, Tamngwa Malvin, Guingah Valentine, Aselecha Martin and Awah Thomas were being prosecuted for act of terrorism, secession, hostilities, insurrection and propagation of false information against the State and others charges.

Mancho Bibixy appearing in Court

Such crimes, if adjudicated and the person is found guilty, the punishment is a death penalty, going by the country’s recently adopted Penal Code.

But the Military Tribunal yesterday only slammed the accused, we now found guilty, with heavy jail terms, ranging from 10 to 15 years imprisonment.

Mancho Bibixy and Tsi Conrad were both slammed a 15 year jail term. Emile Agwei, Tamngwa Malvin and Aselecha Martin will each spent 13 years in prison. While Awah Thomas will be behind bars for 11 years, Guingah Valentine will spend a decade in jail.

The Mancho and Co are also expected to pay the sum of FCFA 268 million to the civil party and the State of Cameroon as damages. They are equally expected to pay a fine of FCFA 34 million or will each spend two additional years in prison.  But the defence Counsels of the accused have promised to appeal the verdict.

It would be recalled that before the Military Tribunal sentenced Mancho Bibixy and the others on Friday, May 25, the  coffin revolutionist had told the court in one of its last sessions held on Thursday May 24 that the solution to the Anglophone Crisis is political and that no judicial or court can solve the problem.