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Maurice Kamto’s supporters dump his party for SDF ahead of elections

2000 militants from Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) party in the Far North Region of Cameroon have left the party to join the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the country’s key opposition party.

Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) was founded by Professor Maurice Kamto after resigning from the government where he served as Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice.

The revelation of his party supporters leaving his party for SDF was made Saturday, June 9, during the SDF National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held in Yaounde. The meeting was presided over by SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi.


SDF Chairman, Fru Ndi gathered that among those who have resigned from Prof Maurice Kamto’s party are Divisional Coordinators in the Far North Region.

MRC Chairman, Prof, Maurice Kamto

According to reports from SDF, the militants of the MRC party had resigned one month ago, but only had an opportunity to present themselves through their representatives to the SDF Chairman during the Yaounde NEC meeting.

The SDF National Communication Secretary, Denis Nkenglemo, told reporter on 10 June, that the decamped MRC militants testified that the SDF party is a well structured party with a clear and defined mission.

They also stated that the way the SDF party selected its candidate for the upcoming presidential election testify the party is practices real democracy; compared to other parties where there are no primaries.

In a strong message to the party, the representative of the decamped militants, Abdoulaye Nasourou, publicly declared their support to the SDF and SDF’s presidential flag bearer, Joshua Osih.

Fru Ndi dressing decamped CRM militant with SDF fabric

They described Joshua Osih as young, expressing the belief that if Osih wins, the plight of the suffering Cameroonian youths would be taken into consideration.

Mr Nasourou also complained of the centralised nature of decision-making within Kamto’s MRC.  He said at the MRC militants only receive instructions with virtually no voice of theirs being heard.

He added that the indigenes of the Far North Region were also left out of the decisions making positions of the party.

Meanwhile, in a telephone conversation, 10 June 2018, the MRC Secretary General, Barrister Christopher Ndong, admitted that MRC militants had left the party for the SDF, but stated that it is no news given that more than 200 SDF militants in Douala have also decamped to MRC.

Barrister Christopher Ndong said, “I can confirm to you that I got the information but to me that is no news. On the other hand, more than 200 militants from SDF in Douala I have also decamped to our party. We are not making news about it, but those are people who had worked hard and closely to push Hon. Joshua Osih to Parliament. This means that we have millions and millions of militants. If 2000 can be leaving one opposition party to another, it also means that the other party receiving the 2000 militants is no more an opposition party.

“In the final analysis, it depends on the propaganda that they have in their minds. That is to tell you that we have more militants as compared to what people think.  What they are doing is publicity and to us, it is telling you that SDF was not existing in that place. We don’t have time for fake news. We are in Douala distributing tracts for people to go and register. Nobody owns militants,” Barrister Ndong explained.

It is hard to tell the implications of these trend on the opposition as elections approach.