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Gov’t challenged to open dialogue as Queen Mothers yearn for peace

Queen Mothers of Cameroon craved for peace challenging Cameroon government to to open dialogue to end the current crisis rocking the Anglophone regions.

This distress call made by some Queen mothers, Princesses and Female Traditional rulers of Cameroon this Thursday, July 12, in Yaoundé comes to add to the numerous calls for dialogue made by both domestic and international bodies.

Queen Mothers, Princesses with candlelight

Candlelight for Peace

Ending their second conference under the banner of “Queen for Peace International”, the Queen mothers, Princesses of some rural families in Cameroon mourned the bloodshed and material destruction ongoing in the two English-speaking regions.

The Queen Mothers added their voices calling on the government to seek for dialogue, grant amnesty to all arrested and support families to rebuild their homes destroyed.

“We called on the government to open the much talked about dialogue, grant amnesty to those arrested and those on exile and open dialogue so that peace can reign in Cameroon again,” they declared.

According to these royalties, women and girls are most vulnerable to the suffering during such conflict as many have become school dropped out, victims of rape cases and some even killed.

“Unwanted pregnancy, rape and child abuse is the new trend of life in the North West and South West regions”, some representatives from these agitated regions testified.

The women vehemently condemned violence and for all to embrace peace as the only way out.

“We are women and every child is a child irrespective of language, sex, culture, religion…..and because we stand for every woman who has lost a child we say NO to violence”, they admitted.

The women equally challenged every ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious barrier and argued that all those killed in the Far North and the Anglophone regions are Cameroonians and share similar pains.

The Queens for Peace International is a conference organized by Women in Alternative Action, an NGO that brings together women from all the corners of Cameroon to ponder on issues of peace in their society and seek for ways to compliment the actions of their husbands.

This year about hundred Queen mothers, Princesses and Female Traditional rulers from some Chiefdoms, Lamidats and Fondoms were in attendance.