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National Times Top 10 Songs for the Week

National Times News is happy to announce our top 10 songs for the week. The list has been prepared by DJ Pasty. The collection reflects the growth, creativity and intensity of the music industry in Cameroon. Congratulations to the artists.

Listen and enjoy the beauty of Cameroon’s arts. And don’t forget to tell us what you think about the list.

  1. Magasco, Locko, Mimie, Rythmz (Power) —  Validation

  2. Chinjong X Chinjong ft Mr Leo — Shayo

  3. Salatiel — Weekend

  4. Ewube —  On Melange


  5. Shura–  Allez Dire

  6. Jovi —  Pimentcam

  7. Rythmz — Fedeti

  8. Numberica — Valide

  9. Meshi ft Locko — Come for Me

  10. Daphne — M lover

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Compiled by DJ Pasty