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Roger Nkodo Dang says allegations of corruption against him are politically motivated

Roger Nkodo Dang, Cameroonian MP and Speaker of Pan African Parliament, has claimed accusations leveled against him for corruption are politically motivated and these accusations are made by countries that do not want him to seek a second term of office at the head of the continental legislature.

“Certain countries did not accept my candidacy that is why they are coming up with such allegations,” Nkodo Dang declared in a recent interview over the BBC. He would however, not disclosed the names of the countries but affirmed that, “we are in a political institution….those whose candidate didn’t win are fomenting these stories.”

He went further to vindicate himself by declaring that the budget of the Pan African Parliament which is the bond of contention was approved and adopted by the Conference of Heads of States which rules out any misgivings.

The statement by the MP from Cameroon was made two weeks after the Executive Council of African Union, meeting in Nouakchott, Mauritania ordered for a probe into his management style of the Pan African legislature.

Results of the probe are expected to be made public in October of this same year. Allegations of corruption, nepotism and clientelism were brought up against Nkodo Dang by a host of MPs of the Pan African Parliament including the outspoken MP from South Africa, Julius Malema.