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Several political parties petition Constitutional Council to disqualify Biya’s candidature

Kum Ane Ihims, leader of the Bilingual Yaounde Political (Biya) Party, has petitioned Cameroon’s Constitutional Council, praying it to disqualify the candidature of incumbent President, Paul Biya for the October 7 Presidential election.

Over 10 other petitions as at the deadline of Thursday August 9 midnight sanctioned in the Electoral Code had been filed at the Constitutional Council. The Electoral Code gives a 48 hour deadline for the filing of complaints once the list of Presidential candidates is made public.

According to Kum’s petition, the Council should disqualify the CPDM candidate and reinstate him because, there cannot be two Biya’s in the same Presidential election.

Besides, Steve Leopold Njoumou also thinks that the Constitutional Council should invalidate  the candidature of President Biya. This is one of the prayers in the two files which  Ndjoumou, candidate of the  Union for the Economic Recovery of Cameroon(UREC) has deposited at the Constitutional Council. Ndjounou’s other claim is that the Board of the Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) did not scrutinise his file.

Bertain Kisob, President of the Cameroon Party for Social Justice who has deposited three petitions at the Constitutional Council is also asking for the disqualification of President Biya from the October 7polls.

Kisob is equally praying the body to annul the Presidential edict convening the electorate for the polls. He cites the prevailing security challenges in the country. Kisob and Ndjounou are equally contesting the disqualification of their file at the level of ELECAM.

Valentine Engono of the Cameroon Union for Democracy and Innovation is asking the Council to validate his candidature on grounds that ELECAM did not notify him of the disqualification of his candidature.

Another aspirant Kamaldine Aboubakar is blaming the staff of ELECAM at the Douala Regional branch for the non-transmission of her file to the Directorate General of elections.

Then there is Olivier Bile, who is asking the Council to rehabilitate his candidature. Bile’s was rejected for failing to provide a certificate of  payment of the FCFA 30 million guarantee as stipulated in the Electoral Code. He is promising the Council to rectify the error.

Vincent-Sousthene Fouda of the Cameroon Movement for Social Democracy is challenging the ruling of the ELECAM Board on the absence of a certificate of payment of the guarantee and a certificate of nationality in his file. He claims in his petition to the Council that all the documents were filed at ELECAM.

Rigobert Gaban Midanha, who aspired on an independent basis, is asking the Council to examine his file on merit. Midanha’s file was reported to have problems with the 300 signatures and FCFA 30 million caution spelled out in the Electoral Code.

Genevieve Zeh  Amvene on her part is seeking redress based on her claims of having received instructions from God to enter the Presidential race.“ if you declare war on God, you will have problems,” Amvene wrote to the Constitutional Council.

The Council, which is entertaining such for the first time since it was created, has 10 days to rule on the petitions. Public anxiety over such complaints is minimal. Known candidates such as Muna Akere Tambeng and Osih survived the ELECAM scrutiny.

Akere has a family matter in Court with his junior sister, Ama Tutu Muna, over the management of their late father’s estate, while Osih was mired in the rumour of having dual nationality. Their supporters had expressed fears that such could cause them to be disqualified for the race. But they survived the ELECAM eagle eyes.


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