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Gov’t Humanitarian aid arrives Meme, distribution underway

Administrative authorities across Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon have begun distributing government’s humanitarian aid to some internally displaced persons within the context of the Anglophone crisis.

Meme Senior Divisional Officer, SDO Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong launched the exercise Wednesday August 8, at the Kumba Amusement park. The exercise kicked off in the presence of Divisional Officers, DO’s of the five sub Divisions that make up the administrative unit of Meme.

Meme SDO hands aid to internally displaced

While launching the distribution exercise, the SDO said, the people must make good use of the material donations while at the same time urging those in the bushes to return home and live their normal lives.

“ I want to tell my population that, the head of the nation is aware that they are suffering and he has decided to send support to the affected persons.. Me like the first citizen of the Division, I am very happy.

But let us use this opportunity to sensitise all those who are affected that, all these things are for them. They just have to come here and collect their own share. The head of is our father and he is taking care of all the population.. That is why he has sent all these things. We are very happy and I am very happy… and I know that after this, we are going to discuss with our population.

I think that we are going to use the amusement park as the main center. You know some other areas are very far. The truth is that with time, the SDO will move to Mbonge… with my forces of law and order too try to discuss… try to share with the population who are living in the bushes. I will be there. I am available to go and meet them there and to give their own share”. Ntou’ou Ndong told the press.

Consignment of humanitarian aid destined for Meme Population

The donations comprised mattresses, bags of rice, salt, tomatoes ,blankets, vegetable oil, packs of other food stuff and a other items that are needed for the survival of the displaced population. After the symbolic launching of the exercise, the prefect gave further directives on how the distribution will proceed.

Some displaced persons from Mbonge and Konye Sub Divisions residing in Kumba appreciated the gesture from the state but prayed that, the current impasse be put to an end.
Meme Division is among the highest hit area in the current social pressures in the English speaking Regions of Cameroon. An estimated 30.000 people in the Division are said to be displaced.

Before now, a detachment of Cameroon’s Rapid Intervention Battalion popularly known as BIR were at the Tancha neighbourhood of Kumba III for a donation exercise.

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