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Bafut Police Post, Amour Mezam bus goes up in blazes

A Police Station in Bafut, and a bus belonging to Amour Mezam travel agency, have all gone up in flames in the North West Region of Cameroon.

The sad incidents came to add to a plethora of others, amongst which, was the abduction of a number of people, tagged as members of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement(CPDM) over the weekend.


Those who travelled in the said Amour Mezam bus on August 25 to Chomba Village, located on the outskirts of Bamenda, said they hired the bus that Saturday to go and condole with a member of their social group, who was bereaved.

They narrated that as they settled down for a bite and drink, two gunmen, whom they could not recognise, accompanied by eight others, attacked them and caused them to flee to different directions.

The gunmen reportedly seized the keys of the bus from its driver, drove the bus out of the locality of Chomba where they set it ablaze on the Bamenda-Bali Highway.

The burning of the transport bus vehicle comes just a few days after a similar scenario took place in the North West Region, where four vehicles of a road construction company(SATOM) working on the Babadjou-Bamenda Road stationed at Mile 7 in Akum, were set ablaze on the night of Thursday, August 23.

In Bamali II, some people alleged to be CPDM militants and 12 others from Bambalang were kidnapped and later released by gunmen.

On August 26 in Bafut, a local Police Station was set ablaze as it came under attack from armed gunmen who reportedly fought and overpowered the police officers on duty.

As the attack unfolded, a woman, whose names we got as Grace Bih, was seized and whisked-off to an unknown destination. Some reports claim that the abducted women is suspected by her abductors to be an informant to the forces of law and order, whom they alleged, was feeding the corps with information about their activities.

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