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Fireworks expected at Mfoundi High Court today as prosecution of arrested Anglophone Leaders begins

A tense atmosphere is expected at the Mfoundi High Court in Yaounde today, August 30, 2018, when the arrested leaders of the Ambazonia Interim Government led by Sisiku Ayuk Tabe step into the dock for the first time since their arrest in Nigeria in January and their subsequent extradition to Cameroon.

The landmark hearing, which has been filed under the Habeas Corpus, is expected to commence at 10:00am.

Ambazonia leaders

According to one of the Legal Counsels of the accused, the Habeas Corpus is praying the Court to unconditionally release the detained leaders, if it can be established that their arrest and detention is not in tandem with the treaties governing the protection of human rights, especially that of refugees and displaced persons.

According to the lawyers of the Anglophone Leaders, some of those arrested in Nigeria were Cameroonian refugees with refugee status and their arrest and extradition to Cameroon was a gross violation of the treaty protecting the rights of refugee, a treaty which Cameroon had ratified.

The case before the Mfoundi High Court was filed by seven lawyers notably: Barristers Nsoh Fuh, Patrick Yong, Stanislas Ajong, Abia Ngute, Mujem Fombad, Louisa Songwe and Christopher Ndong.  Again, another battery of local and international Counsels are bracing up to join the legal battle to ensure that the Anglophone leaders are acquitted.

They accused were arrested by the Nigerian State Security Service in January 2018, in Naira  Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, while deliberating on how to better assist Anglophone refugees who were fleeing from the conflict in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon after the military razed their homes and communities.

After their arrest, they were held incommunicado until recently when the Government granted access to their lawyers and family members after internal and external pressure. Many are hoping that Cameroon, which many profess to be a State of law, will for once give justice a chance.

Political observers are of the opinion that the unconditional release of the arrested Anglophone Leaders will by the first step of reconciliation to end the degenerating Anglophone Crisis, which has claimed many innocent lives.

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