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Police swoop on woman, restaurant owner after discovery of corpse in refrigerator

Jeane Baya, mother of a kid whose head was discovered in a garbage heap in Cameroon’s Political Capital Yaounde  on Monday, August 27, 2018, has been arrested for questioning alongside a restaurant owner of Nigerian descend.

The duo are suspected to have reached an agreement over the use of Baya’s child for ritual purposes. Police launched investigations into the happenstance after inhabitants of the Eleveur neighbourhood in Yaounde V municipality raised concerns after the lifeless human head was discovered.

Local restaurant in Yaounde

Reports hold that, the body parts of the child were reportedly found in a fridge at a restaurant which the Nigerian owns. Unconfirmed reports indicate that, Baya agreed with the Nigerian to kill her child as part of ritual practices to ease her travelling abroad for greener pasture.

Police are said to have made the discoveries within the same neighbourhood where the incident occurred. A resident of the area said it was a child who first informed him of the presence of a human head in the garbage head. Minutes after, the entire neighbourhood poured out to confirm the shocking discovery.

Police findings are contrary to public perception which had linked the killing to politicians. Yaounde, Cameroon’s Capital city is no stranger to ritual killings especially during the political season.

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