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Women protest against widespread rape, killings in NW, SW, crusade for ceasefire

Women of all walks of live Wednesday, August 29, 2018, took to the streets of Buea, South West Region of Cameroon to protest against what they termed the surging numbers of killings, rape and looting that have characterised the on-going Crisis in the English-speaking Regions of the country.

Women in protest

The women flooded the Buea Independence Square crying and wailing out their discontent about  the effect of the on-going socio-political upheavals which they said has destroy the peace and tranquillity that hitherto reigned in the Anglophone Regions in particular and Cameroon in general.

The campaign dubbed “Lamentation campaign,” organised by the South West and North West Women Task Force (SNWOT),  according to the Coordinator of SNWOT, Esther Omam, was aimed at bringing out the voices of women, calling for peace and dialogue to end the close to three  years’ socio-political tumult in the Anglophone Regions.

The campaign started with a solemn prayer led by Rev. Perpetua Fonky. She called on the Lord to rescue the people of the South West Region from violence, kidnappings, rapes, and numerous killings.

Young and old women roll from one end of the road to the other crying uncontrollably and calling for peace and immediate dialogue between the parties concerned to put a stop to the on-going Crisis.

The women, who are mothers, sisters, wives of men who have been killed or brutalised due to the Crisis carried diverse messages calling for peace and a ceasefire between the forces of law and order and the Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

As the women protested, they carried placards with various messages as: “War is costly but peace is priceless”, “dialogue yes to dialogue and no to arms”, “daughters aren’t objects for rape stop the rape”, “education more than ever our schools need protection”, “our family we want our children and husbands back home”.

peaceful protest

The campaign did not only end with the wailing of women, but a declaration was prepared by the women of the task force, which will be sent to hierarchy for adoption. The declaration was presented to the women by Agbor Magdalene.

The declaration highlight a series of pertinent points which include “SNWOT advocates for peace and tranquillity in the two English parts of the Region, the rate of women and girls of Gender Based Violence should be prevented, while access to children’s education should be guaranteed.

At the end of the campaign the Regional Delegate of Women and Empowerment and the Family, Judith Mofah, thanked the women for their massive turn out and plead with them to carry the message of peace and dialogue in their daily lives.

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