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Mbarga Nguele puts Police Officers on red alert, suspends all permissions

Cameroon’s Police boss, Martin Mbarga Nguele, has suspended all permissions for police officers before and after the October 7 Presidential election.

In an internal note circulated to all Police Chiefs, Martin Mbarga Nguele, stated that until October 25, no civil servant of the National Police corps is permitted to go on leave.

Mbarga Nguele

He therefore called on the entire Police force in Cameroon to be actively present during this delicate period of national life.

According to Mbarga Nguele, the delicate nature of the Presidential poll warrants that his men and women are on high alert before, during and after the elections when results must have been proclaimed.

The upcoming elections would be one of the most decisive in the history of Cameroon, comparable only to the electioneering of 1992 as high profile new comers are challenging Paul Biya, especially with the help of the social media.

It is also taking place within challenging security conditions in the North, East and in the Anglophone Regions. This has ensured that the Police are overstretched as no election has ever taken place in Cameroon under such situations.

Moreover, countless numbers of Police officers have been killed; some missing and many more wounded in the North West and South West Regions.

In a single town like Kumba at least three Superintendents of Police have died, killed or abducted just within three months.

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