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Paul Biya is God’s choice for Cameroon, Biyaiste Movement members declare

Members of the National Movement of “Biyaiste” have called on Cameroonians to vote for their candidate, Paul Biya, during the October 7 election.

According to them, the incumbent President is the only one God has chosen to lead Cameroon.

Presentation of campaign gadgets

While launching what they called a “campaign offer” to Paul Biya on Friday, August 31, 2018, in Yaoundé, they declared that faced with the challenging situation Cameroon is going through, the only person who can guarantee the peace, development and sustainability of the country is Paul Biya.

Speaking at the beginning of the press conference, the National Coordinator of the Biyaiste Movement, Messanga Nyamding Pascale, declared that they are “offering” a campaign to candidate Paul Biya under the slogan “protect our yellow jersey.”

According to the Associate Professor of Political Science, Paul Biya is a great cyclist even at 85 and in a cycling race the winner gets the yellow jersey at every stage which Paul Biya has done.

The greatest challenge, according to him, is to keep the yellow jersey by winning the other rounds of the race and this can only be done by maintaining Paul Biya in power.

Meanwhile, the National Coordinator of the Women’s Wing of the Movement, Francois Kontchou, declared that “only Paul Biya can keep Cameroon one and indivisible at a time when others want to destroy it.”

Francois Kontchou presents Paul Biya the cyclist

Other speakers at the ceremony used Biblical narratives to justify their support for Paul Biya. “Paul Biya is the choice of God, we should respect God by voting for him,” Joseph Feutcheu, Secretary General of the Movement said.

The retired soldier and former pilot of the Presidential helicopter argued that Cameroonians can only show their love for the country by voting for their candidate.

Jean de Dieu Momo, President of PADDEC party compared Paul Biya to a living deity, who is indispensable to Cameroon. “Paul Biya is almost a god to Cameroon.”

The hitherto ferocious opposition leader turned Biyaiste rejected any accusation of him fighting for a Ministerial position, but argued that the best thing Paul Biya can do for him is to pardon him for his past sins.

He declared that over the years, he has been committing the sin of combatting a man (Paul Biya) who has been fighting for the welfare of Cameroon.

He likened his case to the Biblical Saul, who used to persecute those who preached Christ, but was converted to Paul and he started preaching Christ.

He declared that, from a persecutor of Paul Biya, he is now preaching Paul Biya and invited all to join him vote for him on October 7.

Another opposition leader, Banda Kani, who is a self-acclaimed Pan-Africanist, argued that it is because Cameroon is under attack from the West that he is putting his personal interest aside to support Paul Biya, who according to him, is the only one to protect Cameroon.

In moments like this when many opposition rallies and meetings are banned by administrative authorities, the public gathering was however duly authorised by the Divisional Officer for Yaoundé I.

In the course of the press conference which was almost transformed into a worship service for Paul Biya, members of the Biyaiste Movement revealed that the movement was born in the early 1990s during the days of ghost town when a slogan was developed to chase Biya.

“It was our own way to support Paul Biya when others were saying ‘Biya must go,’” they declared. The movement has also planned to take a European tour in the days ahead to present their case to the Cameroonian diaspora.

Also present at this Friday’s event was the Coordinator of the youth wing of the Biyaiste Movement. However, the meeting was largely boycotted by CPDM bigwigs.

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