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Biya appoints ‘mentally challenged’ person, other spine doctors to lead his campaigns

The Chairman of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) and incumbent President of the Republic, Paul Biya, has appointed a mentally challenged patient and ageing personalities to lead his campaign for the October 7 Presidential election.

In an internal letter dated August 29, Paul Biya appointed Heads and Deputy Heads of campaign teams for the CPDM party to the 10 Regions of the country.

President Paul Biya

Among those who have been appointed is renowned South West elite, who has reportedly been mentally challenged for about five years now.

In July 2017, the 75-year-old CPDM baron was seen in Nigeria seeking help from Nigeria’s mega Prophet TB Joshua. According to members of his family who assisted him in the consultation, he has been suffering from “mental disorder” for years and cannot work or assume his regular duties. For years now he has not been seen in public and even after returning from Nigeria the politician has avoided public gatherings.

It is therefore not clear how this elderly statesman would organise Biya’s campaign in a turbulent South West Region.

On the list are also very elderly members of the ruling CPDM party who are mostly in their 70s and 80s and these same persons have been heads of delegation in previous occasions. Intriguingly, the Chairman of the National Bilingualism and Multicultural Commission, Peter Mafany Musonge, is the head of the delegation to the South West Region.

It would also be difficult to separate Mafany, the CPDM baron from Mafany the Head of a Commission that has been seeking to reunite Cameroonians since the advent of the Anglophone conflict.

This would push many to the conclusion that the Commission headed by Mafany cannot be a neutral party in the ongoing challenges being faced by the country.

Another most elderly figure who features in the list is the President of the obscure Economic and Social Council of Cameroon, Ayang Luc who is also hardly seen in public.

Among the 10 Heads of delegation and 10 Deputy Heads of delegation, there are only two women; Senator Genevieve Tjoues and Pauline Irene Nguene, Minister of Social Affairs.

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