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Presidential election keeps FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee in office

World Football Governing Body (FIFA) has written to the President of the Normalisation Committee of the Cameroon Football Federation (FEFCAFOOT), Dieudonne Happi, extending the Committee’s mandate till December 16.

FIFA’s Chief Scribe, Fatma Soumoura in a correspondence dated August 31, disclosed that Cameroon’s Sports and Physical Education Minister, Pierre Ismael Bidoung wrote to FIFA on the same issue.

FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee
Photo Credit: Cameroun Tribune

Fatma infers from the Minister’s letter dated August 28 as stating that conducting FECAFOOT elections around the period of the Presidential election will not be conducive.

The Minister augured in his letter that the calendar of elections at FECAFOOT coincides with the period of the nation’s Presidential election.

He requested FIFA to consider the holding of the elections at a period that will be appropriate.

FIFA’s Secretary General in her letter to the Normalisation Committee stated that given such circumstances, the Governing Council of FIFA in a decision of August 31 decided to prolong the stay of the five-man Commission.

The organisation said the additional time will also permit the Normalisation Committee to finish the work it has started. FIFA through her Scribe reiterates in the letter extending the mandate that it remains in wait for a report outlining how the Committee intends to complete its assignment within the stipulated time.

FIFA’s decision didn’t come as a surprise. Many had expected such given that elections into the executives of the Federation at the Divisional, Regional and National levels are yet to be carried out. It is a second mandate extension for the Dieudonne Happi- led Committee. The Committee had an initial six month mandate. It was renewed. It now has four months to finish its work of cleaning Cameroon’s football house.

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