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Dimako inhabitants protest electricity blackout, block Douala-N’Djamena Road

Traffic on Cameroon’s national road number 10 linking Douala and N’Djamena in Tchad remains shut down for a second day as inhabitants of Dimako, Upper Nyong Division in the East Region continue to protest the absence of electricity.

The National Times gathered that around 6:00 AM, Wednesday September 6, the population took to the streets blocking all roads following days of blackout.

Population of Dimako

Administrative authorities of the area opted to negotiate with the population to restore traffic to no avail.

In the early hours of Thursday, September 7, the strike took another twist. The population resorted to mounting barricades on the major roads. Inhabitants recount that at the early hours of Thursday; vehicles were neither living nor entering Dimako.

The road through Dimako is a busy corridor for business between Cameroon and neighbouring Tchad.

Hundreds of trucks loaded with goods from Douala headed for N’Djamena Tchad are still stranded on the road.

Cameroon is a major business partner to the landlocked African nation.

Protests over the epileptic supply of electricity are common in Cameroon.

Just recently, a similar incident was recorded in the same East Region when the Grandmaster of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Fra Gia como del Tempeo de Sanguinetto came visiting.

He was due to visit refugees in the Minawao camp when demonstrator flooded the streets, protesting over the absence of electricity.

Cameroon’s East Region is rich in mineral and forest resources, but it lacks electricity, good roads and other basic facilities. It is among the Region with the lowest literacy rates in Cameroon.

Pundits have castigated the Biya regime over Cameroon’s energy crisis. Despite billions borrowed from China and the African Development Bank to bankroll the construction of major dams, Cameroonians continue to live in darkness.


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