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Exclusive: I didn’t shoot the soldier. Why didn’t he shoot? Ten Ambazonian Fighters talk to National Times News

On October 26, 2016, lawyers descended on the streets of Buea, Bamenda and Kumba, asking the Cameroonian government to overturn a decade-long policy that allowed French judges to be appointed to English courts in South West and North West Regions. But there were several other problems. And even bigger ones to come.

Gendarmes and polices officers were ready to sabotage the protest—using whatever means they could. They descended on the protesters, physically abusing, as well as tear gassing them. The Minister of Justice dismissed the lawyers’ protest as petty and uncalled-for. Until then, the government had the guns, and the people had none.

Then, things changed. Anglophones are not just protesting using sticks and peace-plants. They have laid their hands on guns—automatic guns for that matter.

How did the country get to this point, who are those carrying these guns? What training do they have? And are they ready for negotiations?

In an exclusive piece to be published on National Times on Wednesday September 3, we will bring to you a close conversation with 10 Amba boys. We have over thirty-five hours of Whatsapp conversation, 378 Facebook and Whatsapp messages, and seven phones calls. We spoke to these fighters who belong to five different camps, some are university graduates and others are just school dropouts. Some said they have already shot at someone; another said he didn’t not shoot at the soldier who was about to kill him. Why didn’t he shoot?


Don’t miss out!!!


NB: National Times publishes pre-publication posts to inform readers of the agency’s upcoming ground breaking investigations. We only publish these pre-publication posts after the first draft of the report has been assembled and ready for editing before going public. Thank you for trusting us.


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