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Human casualties feared as gunmen, soldiers clash in Muyuka

Human casualties are feared following a Tuesday September 5 gun battle between security forces and gunmen around Mile 7, Muyuka Sub-division, South West Region of Cameroon.

The scene of the bloody confrontation is found few meters after Ikata village along the Muyuka-Munyenge Road.

The National Times gleaned that gunmen surfaced from the bush and attacked a military convoy headed for Munyenge.

Ambazonia fighters

A woman, who escaped the vicinity of the clash, told The National Times that “we escaped from the house to the bushes when the shooting started. I carried my children to the farm. We stayed there for hours as the fighting went on. When we came back in the evening, we were getting reports of deaths from both sides,” our source stated.

Another source stated that the fighting left members of either camp wounded severely.

The National Times could not ascertain other reports which talked of three soldiers and several separatists killed in Tuesday’s confrontation.

It is reported that the contingent was headed for Munyenge where there is a military camp. Mile 7 where the fighting took place is a junction town with a road leading to Bavenga village. Months back, gunmen attacked a prison in Bavenga freeing inmates, ammunition were reportedly stolen in the process. Government is yet to react to the incident.

The Muyuka-Munyenge Road axis is host to thousands of Cameroonians. Most of them have elected permanent residence in the forest and cocoa farms owing to separatists’ activities.

Government decided to station security forces in Munyenge after bloody confrontations with gunmen, which led to Munyenge being razed to ashes. Neither the Government nor separatists took responsibility for the torching of the village.

Inhabitants now live in the bushes in what is now known as ‘New Munyenge’.The Sub-divisional headquarters, Muyuka remains a hotspot in the current clashes.

Tuesday’s attack only came to add to the other attacks that have taken place in the area. A month ago, gunmen blocked the road, but military might was used to restore traffic.

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