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UK Parliament’s deliberation on Anglophone Crisis puts Gov’t on tenterhooks

The Government of Cameroon has been put on tenterhooks, after a video showing the UK Parliament deliberating on the on-going situation in the North West and South West Regions went viral on social media.

This is coming barely a month after a secret file containing the atrocities committed by Cameroon military in the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon was tabled before the UK Parliament by Hon. Emily Thornberry, Britain most feared MP.

Hon. Emily Thornberry presented the on-going massacre in the British former colony

This information was leaked in an online video filmed in the UK Parliament as Hon. Emily Thornberry presented the on-going massacre in the British former colony of Southern Cameroons by the Biya Government.

In the video titled “The Truth About Global Britain”, Hon. Emily Thornberry accused the British Government of double standard in addressing the current crisis rocking the former colony, British South Cameroons.

From the video, Hon. Emily said the British Government owes a great historic responsibility to the people of her former colony and must act now to resolve the Anglophone Crisis. Emily Thornberry blamed the British Government for supporting the Biya regime.

She rubbished the economic deal sponsored by the British Trade Secretary that announced a 1.5 billion pounds deal signed with a British National Gas Company and the Biya regime.

Her speech to the UK Parliament reads;

“On the 7 of June this year, The Guardian Newspaper ran a special feature on the brutal campaign of violence by the regime of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya against the English-speaking communities in the West of the Country which was formerly known as British Cameroon. Communities to whom we owe a historic responsibility; in the Guardian Post report, ordinary men and women saw their villages attacked by Biya’s military, their neighbours and family members killed and are forced to flee for their lives…”

She quoted charity workers who were looking after thousands of displaced women and children for whom they warned that going home will be suicidal.

She decried that after the report was published, the British Trade Secretary announced a 1.5 billion pounds deal with a British National gas company and President Paul Biya.

“A deal in the words of the Trade Department Press Release will generate a huge stream of revenue for the Cameroon’s treasury,” she said.  She was appalled that the UK Government was boasting of doing trade deals with Cameroon, which she said will only help enrich President Biya.

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