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Will Biya order Mayors, Chiefs, Civil Servants fleeing Anglophone Regions back to work?

Keen observers of the development within the troubled English-speaking Regions of Cameroon are predicting that, incumbent President, Paul Biya, may in the days ahead, order municipal authorities and other civil servants who have abandoned their duty posts to resume work.

President Paul Biya

Anxiety in this light has heightened following a recent Presidential Order asking at least 15 administrators, who deserted their areas of command to return to work.

The document indicated that the order was supposed to have been executed before September 10.
Besides, the Divisional Officers (DOs) who escaped deadly clashes, scores of mayors, council staffs, magistrates, teachers and other civil servants within the same sub-divisions have also escaped.

Across the North West and South West Regions, council activities have collapsed. Courts, schools and extensions of different ministerial departments have gone moribund.

In Meme Division for instance, administrative accounts sessions of councils such as Mbonge, Konye and others beyond the Division were organised in Kumba.

Such has never happened since Cameroon gained independence.
Most of these councils have opened makeshift offices across urban centres. Others manage their councils from their hideouts. Divisions such as Lebialem in the South West and Menchum in the North West have witnessed a complete shutdown of councils’ activities.

In the case of Lebialem, most of its mayors and council staffs are known to be taking refuge in the neighbouring West Region of the country. In other urban centres like Muyuka, State authority is greatly under threat.

With President Biya bent of re-establishing the presence of State authority in the affected areas, observers deduce that the President is likely to order all State functionaries back to their respective areas of work.

Traditional rulers known to be auxiliaries of the administration have also abandoned their ancestral land. Most have been attacked for having links with the ruling class.

Given that chiefs are gazetted by the administration and enjoy monthly stipend from the regime, many say the crusade to restore order could also see the traditional rulers being ordered to return home.

Besides these classes of persons, there are also Senators and Parliamentarians alongside other politicians who have escaped from the troubled zones. It is left to be seen what the highest authority of the State will do in the days ahead.

In the case of the DOs, the Presidential edict is to the effect that, the administrators will have to be reinstalled. Theirs will be done in consonance with State security services.

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