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Biya returns to Cameroon 13Days after China Summit

Cameroon’s president Paul Biya and wife Chantal have returned to the country 13 days after taking part in Africa-China forum in Beijing. The presidential couple touched down on home soil Sunday September 16.

Biya and Wife arriving Cameroon

After the Beijing Summit on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), of September 3rd to 4th, the presidential couple left for an unannounced destination.

Before heading to China Biya had spent just 72 hours in Cameroon. He had spent a similar thirteen days in Switzerland.

Biya returns on the eve of campaigns for the 2018 presidential elections. The incumbent will be seeking reelection for a seventh time.

His CPDM party stalwarts have been combing the nation building grass root support for the 85 year old while he sojourned in Europe.

At a meeting last week in Yaounde, the scribe of Biya’s CPDM told comrades during a meeting that, the author of Communual Liberalism must score beyond 78 percent of votes in this years election.

Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, Director of the Civil cabinet of the presidency is in charge of managing the president’s campaign.

The father of the nation returns home to a country facing numerous sociopolitical and security challenges. The Anglophone crisis continues to bleed the nation in terms of human, financial and material losses. Many Cameroonian are anxious to see the president take a major political decision to end the crisis.

Other African Presidents immediately boarded flights to their respective countries after the summit. The likes of Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa co-chair of the summit, Alassane Ouattara, Ivory Coast, Issoufou Mahamadou , Niger, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya, and Muhamadu Buhari of Nigeria among others.

Critics claim Biya spends approximately 292 days annually out of the country. The president is known to be second to no other leader the world over to spend such number of days out of his country.

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