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Population, Rights Group indict Separatists over murder of civilian

A cross section of the population alongside the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, CHRDA, have slammed gunmen believed to be separatists over the massacre of a man in Chomba village, Mezam Divison, North West Region.

The condemnations are in response to a viral video online which show unknown gunmen firing at a man. It shows the man being fired at severally as he jumped into a river to escape from the suspected separatists.

Civilian tortured by Separatists

Footage of the video show masked gunmen torturing an elderly man believed to be a native from Ntui, Centre Region of the country. The gunmen in the video accused the man of collaborating with security forces.

The video also shows signs of severe and inhuman treatment meted on the man. It shows all fingers of the man’s left hand chopped off. His face appears in the video severely wounded. From the same video one can decipher that the man lost a lot of blood.

In the video, the gunmen fired into the river which the man jumped into. The sounded unconvinced with the narrations from their victim. It is unclear if the man survived the multiple shots in the river or died in the process.

A cross section of the population has taken to different platforms describing the acts as barbaric and inhumane.

“What have we not seen in this senseless war? That a fellow human being will subject another in such a condition as if he were an animal? This is unbearable. I curse all those doing such, and I pray they all rot in hell,” Celine Ndefru, reacted to the video.

A statement from CHRDA condemned the actions of the armed men.
“Causing human pain and suffering of civilians are acts in direct contravention to the rules of international law, national laws, and are contrary to the values defended by the Centre. Any form of repression, reprisal, persecution or revenge targeting civilians in peace or wartime because of their linguistic or ethnic background constitute serious violations of international human rights law and grave breaches of the principles of international humanitarian law,” CHRDA said in its statement.

Condemnation fromCHRDA

The rights group called on the armed groups to stop targeting civilians and other persons protected by international law.

Since the outburst of the video, many Cameroonians have taken to the social media to express their anger over what they termed barbaric acts from both the Military and the armed men in the restive Anglophone regions.

Cameroon’s communication minister and government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary known for staging outings on such developments is yet to react. Separatists’ leaders are equally yet to react to the incident.

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