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Cameroon’s security forces rescue students trapped in bushes after gunmen attack college

Elements of Cameroon’s government forces of law and order have rescued scores of students of the Saint Joseph College, Sasse, Buea, South West Region of Cameroon, who were trapped in nearby bushes following a gun attack on the College on Monday, September 17, 2018.

The security officers have guarded the students to the Buea Independence Square, where parents are expected to come and take their children home.

Before the military intervention, pandemonium ripped through the campus when unknown gunmen stormed the institution. Faced with the unknown, students took to their heels. The attack happened while students were asleep.

Some of the students who scampered out of the school campus have been spotted in neighbouring villages within Buea Sub-division. Localities such as Bokwango, Small Soppo and Long Street, close to the school are currently hosting some of the students.

A resident of Buea hinted the National Times that some students stormed their compound as early as 4:00 am shouting and screaming for the door to be open.

“My siblings came knocking and shouting with some friends today as early as 4:00am from St. Joseph College Sasse, saying armed men broke into their school at 1:00 am beat up students. My sibling had wounds and bruises on his body”, the source said

Some of the victims of the attack revealed that some of students escaped into the bushes. In the main time, some have been taken to the hospital for medical attention.

The National Times learnt that Senator Mbella Moki Charles has been to houses where some students are seeking refuge. Moki is said to have addressed pockets of students he met in Bakwango.

Reports which The National Times could not authenticate state that gunmen gave school authorities up till Wednesday, September 19 as deadline to send the children to their parents.

Reactions are still awaited from the security services following accusations that elements on duty did not intervene at the time of the attack.

The Government officials in the South West region and the School’s administrative authorities are yet o issue any official release concerning the gun attack.

Today’s attack comes after a Tuesday, September 11 gun attack in Mile 16 Buea. In that attack, traffic between Buea and Douala was halted for hours. Human and material casualties were recorded.


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