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Biya rehabilitates former ELECAM Director General, appoints him Cameroon’s Ambassador to Chad

Former Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) Director General who was dismissed over allegations of insubordination has been appointed Cameroon’s Ambassador Plenipotentiary extraordinary to Chad.

In a Presidential decree signed on Tuesday, September 18, Mohaman Sani Tanimou was appointed to head the country’s diplomatic mission to Chad.

The former ELECAM Director General was dismissed by a Presidential decree in July 2015 after a serious power tussle between him and the then President of the Board of ELECAM, Dr. Fonkam Azu’u.

He was replaced by Abdoulaye Babale and during the installation ceremony the outgoing, Mohaman Sani Tanimou chose to stay away.

Three other Ambassadors were appointed by similar Presidential decrees. In Turkey, the new Ambassador is Tchatchouwo Victor, while Ondoua Ateba Edith Felicie goes to Gabon in the same capacity.

The only Anglophone among the four newly appointed is Fatabong Albert Njoteh, who becomes Cameroon’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

The decision by the President to appoint the former ELECAM Director General despite flaws in his management of the body would confirm all allegations that allegiance to the President is primordial over technocracy and excellence and in exercising his discretion over appointments prime importance is given to his cohorts rather than connoisseurs

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