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Cameroon celebrates 2 Police Officers for acts of bravery

Two civil servants of the National Police Force have been decorated by the Delegate General for National Security (DGNS), Martin MbargaNguele for various acts of bravery.

The two, first Grade Police Constable, Nganso Axelle and first Grade Police Inspector, Mbeleg Salomon Desire, were exceptionally promoted to the ranks of first Grade Police Inspector and first Grade Deputy Superintendent of Police respectively.

While decorating them this Wednesday, Martin Mbarga Nguele, recalled the exceptional characteristics of these two law enforcement officers who risk their lives to protect the lives of citizens and their properties. He challenged the others to copy their examples since the Police is out to protect citizens and their properties. Both were also raised to the ranks of Night of the Cameroon Order of Merit. It was also an exceptional medal owing to the fact that civil servants of the police force are mostly entitled to order of merit of the police force and not otherwise and it takes about 10 years of active service to be qualified for such a medal and about 16 years for the Night of the Cameroon Order of merit, some police officers say. Nganso Axelle only joined the Police force in 2016 when she enrolled into the Police College, Mutengene and graduated in 2017, promoting her today was beyond the regular.

The lady and the gentleman were full of praises to the President of the Republic for taking an exceptional decision and to the DGNS for applying it.

Police Inspector NgansoAxelle

Nganso Axelle and Mbeleg Salomon Desire were promoted by a decree signed on behalf of the Head of State by the Secretary General at the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh on September 12, 2018 because of two acts of bravery.

Prior to her promotion, Nganso Axelle served at the Division of Transmission at the General Delegation of National Security. In the night of March 15, 2018, she single handedly neutralised a gang of thieves in a taxi even though she sustained serious body injuries which left her traumatised which is why she now speaks with difficulties though still courageous.

Her colleagues praised her bravery which has left one of her fingers partially norm. It was a similar situation with Mbeleg Salomon Desire serving at the cabinet of the Secretary General at the Presidency who single handedly neutralised a gang of thieves leading to some arrests and recuperation of arms and ammunition.

Some members of Government were also present at the ceremony including family members, friends and colleagues of the celebrants.

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