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Ngolle Ngolle urges CPDM militants to use mystical powers to win October 7 election

Militants of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement(CPDM) have been urged to employ secret, mystical and spiritual powers to ensure a smooth victory for the party during the October 7 Presidential election.

Speaking during the launching of CPDM campaigns in Buea on Sunday, September 23, 2018, Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Director of the CPDM Academy, told supporters of the party that the time has come for them to consult other sources of power to give CPDM the desire victory.

Appointed divisional campaign heads

According to the apologist of the Biya regime, nothing can be taken for granted given the fact that this year’s campaign seems to be a challenging one, given the insecurity plaguing the Region.

“We may permit ourselves to use nocturnal, secret or for that matter mystical powers and we may not only end by using mystical powers, we may also use secret or mystical hours as much as possible to carry out special campaign activities. That means we have a 24 hours clock in the next 14 days,” Ngolle Ngolle stated.

Given the security challenges in the Region, the President of the CPDM Academy equally called on the recruitment of courageous men and women who will be able to go to the villages at night or during the day.

“We all know the security challenge of the Region, therefore, we must recruit courageous men and women who may be useful to go into the villages at day or at night hours to carry out special operations that may be useful to our campaign at all levels”, Ngolle Ngolle reiterated.

On his part, the Chairperson of the South West Regional CPDM Campaign Co-ordination Commission, Peter Mafany Musonge, advised CPDM supporters not to listen to any other Presidential candidates, whom he described as day dreamers and schemers.

“The other candidates are mostly day dreamers and schemers whose principal aim is to build a national image for themselves by attracting attention. Some are well-known old-timers with nothing credible to show in their past and present political life. Others are big time amateurs and unknown quantities in the political arena,” Peter Mafany told militants.

While praising the CPDM flag bearer, the Chairperson of the South West Regional CPDM Campaign Co-ordination Commission said incumbent Pual Biya is a man of peace and of experience.


“Indeed, he is the man with the force of experience, a defender of the unity and indivisibility of Cameroon, the man of great ambitions and of greater achievements for Cameroon. In the present game, our candidate is the right man for the job, he is the game changer,” he added.

The campaign that was launched under tight security at Mountain Hotel saw the presence of delegates from the six Divisions and the appointment of Divisional Campaign Heads. The party announced that the sum of FCFA 150 million has been raised for campaigns in the South West Region.

It should be noted that this campaign was launched despite threats from the Ambazonia Defence Forces who had declared that no Presidential campaigns and election will hold in the Anglophone Regions.

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