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Minister defends ENAM’s integrity over social media scandal

Cameroon’s Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Joseph Le, says the image of the nation’s National School of Administration and Magistracy popularly known by its French acronym, ENAM cannot be dragged into disrepute, despite social media postings alleging new admissions scandal.
The Minister echoed the declaration during a press briefing in Yaounde on Monday, September 24. Minister Le came before the press in the face of renewed social media postings suggesting that there was fraud in the entrance examination into some departments of the institution.
According to Le, such reports are unfounded and out of place. He stated that the institution is in good form and integrity, despite recurrent problems that have surfaced in recent times.
In an interview granted to the State media, the ace journalist cum Minister said, the Director of ENAM, Linus Toussaint Medjana, is not under obligation to publish results of the institution. Le said the main issue is to reach out to those who succeed in the written face to participate in the orals.
Since taking over as Public Service Minister on March 2 this year, Minister Le has been in a spirited battle to redeem the image of ENAM.
Weeks before the written phase of examinations into the institution, the Minister disowned persons whom he said had flooded neighbourhoods in the nation’s capital promising to ease admissions of potential students upon payment of money.

Then on the day of the examinations itself, the same Minister went visiting the ENAM campus assuring the public that the examinations were conducted under transparent circumstances.
ENAM, one of Cameroon’s most prestigious institutions is not new to sandals. In 2017, chaos struck the corridors of ENAM over the appearance of the name of Claude Millsaint Njdomo on the list of successful candidates after orals. Ndjomo, who had scored 14/20 on the written phase died before the orals, but his name appeared on the final list on the first spot. He was to read administration in cycle ‘A’.
In November 2017, disagreement ensued between the Director of ENAM and then Public Service Minister, Michelle Ange Anguin, over the publication of the results of admitted students. While Medjana made public a list of candidates on November 16 over State media, Anguin cancelled the results and published a contrary lists the next day.
The battle reached the public space. The image of the country was being threatened. It took the intervention of authorities at the Presidency for the matter to be solved. Thus in March 2018, Anguin was dropped from Government probably owing to the ENAM scandal.
Joshua Osih, Social Democratic Front(SDF), candidate at the October 7 Presidential election in Cameroon has promised to shutdown ENAM if voted President.
Osih sees ENAM as the root cause of endemic corruption in the country.

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