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Corpses litter Ekona streets, bushes

Denizens of Ekona Town in Fako Division of the South West Region woke up this Tuesday morning to find corpses in major streets and nearby bushes.
The corpses are a fallout of sustained gun exchanges between the security forces and some unidentified gunmen that quaked through the area on Monday, September 24, 2018.
Even though Ekona is massively deserted, yesterday’s incident has reignited confusion among the few inhabitants who are still courageous to remain in the area.
Speaking to The National Times by phone, an inhabitant of Ekona recounted: “there was confrontation between the military and some gunmen in the early hours of Monday, forcing most people to remain indoors while others escaped into the bushes. Those who could not withstand the sound of the gun and attempted to run were caught in the crossfire. As I speak to you, I only managed to come out of my house today before seeing the casualties. More than 14 corpses of young men and elderly men are lying on the streets and in the bushes, some are yet to be retrieve from the bushes,” our source stated.

Another local described yesterday’s shooting as horrific, “the shooting yesterday was horrific and terrifying, I felt the way my entire building was shaking. My children were crying inside the house and I was helpless”, the source narrated.
Ekona has become one of the hotbeds of the Anglophone Crisis. Two weeks ago, a man and his two male children were all massacre as they were returning from the farm. Many people in the area are praying for a ceasefire to avert the spilling of more blood.

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