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Adamou Ndam Njoya promises free university education to Cameroonians

The President of the Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU), Dr. Adamou Ndam Njoya, has promised free university education to all Cameroonians as well as allowances and stipends to these students if voted next President of Cameroon on October 7.

The promised is contained in the political project presented to Cameroonians recently by Ndam Njoya.

Tapping from his rich experience as a University Don, Ndam Njoya considers himself as the bearer of the messianic solution to transform the lives and conditions of the Cameroon students, especially those in the universities.

Priding himself as the pioneer Director of the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC-1972-1975) Ndam Njoya believes he can reinvent the glorious days of Cameroon’s education which used to be one of the best in Africa and the best in the Central Africa Sub-region.

According to Ndam Njoya, it would be an uncompleted process without jobs for these youths which is why he has promised to create two million jobs within the first three years of his Presidency.

His package to youths would also include regular holiday camps as was in the past.

In his project which contains 21 major points addressing all sectors of public life, Adamou Ndam Njoya, has also promised to foster the creation of an African common currency. This, according to him, would be concretised by imposing Cameroon’s majesty in the international community especially within the African Union (AU) given the fact that he is also a seasoned diplomat.

The CDU Presidential flagbearer wants to completely revised the health sector as well as create a universal health insurance scheme for all including free healthcare for pregnant women and children below five years.

Being of the third age himself, Ndam Njoya is a living testimony of the appalling condition of old persons in Cameroon. He has promised to look into their situation by establishing an institution to take care of them.

The father of five also wants to credit himself as the author of a Family Code for Cameroon, as well as laws formally banning the practice of female genital mutilation.

He also sees himself as the defender of the rights of the consumer and would make sure telephone calls and internet operations are enhanced in Cameroon, while dropping cost drastically.

Cameroon’s sporting infrastructure under a Ndam Njoya presidency would experience a great leap in terms of the construction of stadia and sporting centres across the national territory.

The environment would also be of focus and according to him, no country can prosper without enhancing its environment. To do this, Ndam Njoya would be creating forests especially in areas largely hit by the fast advancing Sahara Desert.

Born in 1942, Ndam Njoya is one of the most educated frontline Cameroonian politicians. He holds a PhD in Law and Political Sciences obtained in France, and is credited for being the pioneer Director of IRIC and the person who actually gave the institution its baptismal fire.

He has held several political and academic positions including Lecturer at the then University of Yaoundé as well as Vice Minister of External Relations (1975-1977), Minister of National Education (1977-1980) and Minister Delegate in charge of Administrative Reforms (1980-1981).

After clamouring for an alternative voice in the Cameroonian political milieu, the native of Noun Division formed the CDU in 1991. The party has been largely present in the Division where it occupies four out of the five Parliamentary seats as well as the Foumban Council. Ndam Njoya would be challenging Paul Biya for the 4th time, both former students of the famous Lycée Generale Leclerc, Yaoundé.

The CDU officially begins its campaign this Wednesday, September 26. Adamou Ndam Njoya is married to Patricia Hermine Tomaino Ndam Njoya, 27 years his junior. She is also a seasoned politician within the ranks of the CDU as well as Member of Parliament since 2007.

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