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Restorationists commemorate ‘Independence’ in hiding as security enforced curfews

Frontline activists propagating for the restoration of the former West Cameroon State failed to occupy the streets on Monday October 1, to enhance their ‘independence’ ideologies as security forces enforced administrative curfews while the population remained indoor.

Youths celebrating independence day

The outplay of events this year is in sharp contrast of the mass outings of thousands who flooded the streets of major towns and villages same day in 2017.

But for some pockets of outings registered in parts of Boyo Division, Kumbo and Bafut in the North West Region and hinterlands of Mbonge in the South West Region, no sign of separatists protests was seen anywhere.

Unlike in 2017, this year, pockets of defiance met with high level State security operatives. Separatists adherence grappled with making publicity out of the unnoticed defiance on social media platforms but could not get the enthusiasm of 2017.

Observers assess that the turnout of things this year is owing to growing population distrust in the ‘Ambazonia’ project. Pundits say the military approach of the State and the pains inflicted on the population from both ends has sent many thinking of their safety rather than dream of pursuing a separate State.









The streets which were filled with people of all age groups last year were this year deserted. Towns and cities manifested grave-like silence but for sporadic gun shots at different intervals.

In the North West Region, Governor Adolf Lele L’Afrique imposed a 48 hours’ curfew on gatherings of more than four persons and any form of movement.

In the South West Region, Divisional Officers(Dos) in Fako signed similar documents. Yet the effect went beyond their respective units. In the North West Region, Church Services could not be held on Sunday.

The decisions are said to have been taken to outsmart separatists who took Government off guard commanding huge grass root support.



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