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Kamto promises to grant Biya, family immunity from prosecution if elected President

The President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) and party flag bearer to the October 7 Presidential election, Professor Maurice Kamto, has promised to grant Biya and his family immunity from prosecution after taking over office.

Kamto was speaking on Sunday, September 30, during a mega rally at the esplanade of the Yaoundé Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium. During the rally the legal luminary of international reputation argued that Cameroonians merit a President who listens to them and reach out to them.

He advised the incumbent, Paul Biya to peacefully abdicate from the Presidential throne and benefit from immunity from every prosecution.

The 64-year-old University don nicknamed “the penalty kicker” also presented his aura of honesty and argued that after teaching in most prestigious professional schools in Cameroon including ENAM and IRIC, he has never placed any of his children there, since to him everybody should be able to fight for himself.

Kamto, who was backed by the wife, Julie Kamto in a rare public statement described her husband as a workaholic, who can sacrifice everything for the nation.

Huge crowd listening to Prof Kamto’s campaign message

According to her, Cameroonians should vote for her husband because he is a responsible man who puts the nation first.

Other personalities at the gathering included Paul Biya’s Technical Adviser, Christian Penda Ekoka, who presented his thesis on why he is backing Kamto and not his actual boss.

Penda Ekoka said he decided to be Biya’s Adviser because he thought they could advise him to transform the country. However, according to him, Biya and his henchmen have virtually taken Cameroon hostage with no possibility of development.

Also in attendance were celebrated activist, Andre Blaise Essama and award winning artists, Valsero and Minks.

Kamto’s outing last Sunday was a reminiscence of the 1992 multi-party electoral campaigns where charismatic leaders like John Fru Ndi pulled almost the entire cities to their rallies. There was a mammoth crowd estimated at about 20 to 30 thousand persons and at a one point in time most of them brandished their voters’ card declaring they are not merely praise singers but potential electorates.

The meeting which was scheduled for 1:00pm faced some setbacks as security officers blocked all access way into the Stadium forcing the thousands of persons to cover kilometres on foot. This crowd of persons started assembling as early as 10:00 am and by 2:00pm a heavy downpour washed the entire city of Yaoundé. However, this did not perturb their spirits as they started singing, “bye bye Paul Biya, Kamto is coming.”

When the rains subsided the estimated 10,000 persons who had already congregated tripled almost causing a stampede. Kamto and team finally arrived at about 3:00pm and for the next three hours, various speakers were arguing why Cameroonians should vote for the Professor of Law. The meeting ended at about 6:00pm.

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