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UN demands urgent probing into crimes against humanity in Anglophone Cameroon

The United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, has called for an urgent investigation into alleged crimes against humanity committed in the restive Anglophone Regions of Cameroon as violence sours.

“Crimes committed by the two parties must be adequately and independently investigated and the authors of the crimes brought before a competent court urgently,” Dieng said over the BBC on Monday, October 1.

Dieng said he was preoccupied by the growing number of deaths recorded. “What preoccupies me is that there are a lot of deaths, more than 400 as of now and atrocious crimes have been committed,” Dieng held.

The UN Diplomat went further to propose two solutions to the ongoing conflict in Anglophone Cameroon – “The best way to address this issue on the one hand is political dialogue and on the other hand justice,” Dieng said emphasising that all the parties to the conflict must sit around the same table and talk.

In the opinion of Adama Dieng, the participation of some Anglophone candidates in the upcoming Presidential election is a sign that not all Southern Cameroonians want secession.

He expressed his organisation’s hopes for a better Cameroon after the election and insinuated that the position of Vice President can be created so that power can be shared between the two major linguistic divide.

“Let’s hope that the position of Vice President would also be put in place,” Dieng said.

It is not the first time the United Nations is expressing its worries about the situation in Cameroon. However, the UN has not gone beyond public denunciation.

In recent days, the UN has come under abundant criticisms for failing to implement its preventive diplomacy strategy or conflict resolution in Cameroon.

It is also not clear how would investigations be done given the fact that the Government of Cameroon has refused access to Journalists, NGOs and UN investigators to these areas. Dieng’s message is a sharp contrast to Paul Biya’s who on Saturday, in Maroua while campaigning for a seventh presidency vowed to use force and crush Ambazonia liberators after the election.


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