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I would solve the Anglophone problem in my first 100 days in office, Akere Muna promise

Akere Muna has promised to resolve the Anglophone crisis in his first 100 days in office, if elected as president in the upcoming October 7 polls. He made the promise in an exclusive interview with Qatari based media agency, Al Jazeera.

Asked by Al Jazeera’s Eromo Egbejule, what will be his top achievement in his first 100 days in office, Muna replied, “That’s easy – solving the Anglophone crisis. First, making conditions ideal for the refugees to return [and] getting to rebuilding and reorientation so the displaced can go back home. Then, adding a system that brings back all these fighters by giving them a period to hand in the guns, and integrating them into the army for training”.

In the interview, Muna who is running as presidential candidate for Popular Front for Development (PFD) said he believes the current crisis in Cameroon are rooted in social injustice and loss of trust in the government, sepecially injustice against Anglphones. He beleives after 60 years since independence it is time for an Anglophone to become president.


“I am tempted to say the problems of most African countries has to do with social justice and the sharing of wealth. For as long as you have a political process in which some of the citizens feel that they are marginalised, you will then have the propensity to divide and that is the feeding ground of politicians: division. Over here, the government has tried to weaponise the Anglophone-Francophone crisis. It is absurd. Basically, a fractured society has to do with uneven distribution of wealth” he said.

Muna also told the paper that although he has no plans of sending Biya to jail, if he is found guilty of corruption then he will have bear the wrought of the law. “I don’t think that as a believer in separation of powers, it should be up to me to decide whether somebody is prosecuted or not. On the basis of principle, if there were assets identified to be stolen, there are laws for fraud, corruption, everything … but what do we gain from putting an 85-year-old behind bars? It is just spectacle. The future is what is important”.

The issue of what will happen to Biya should he lose the elections is likely to be a dividing point between Muna and Kamto. Kamto has promised to grant Biya and his family immunity if elected, which means even if Biya is found guilty of corruption he will not be persecuted.

Muna also alluded to plans of forming a coalition before the d-day. “If you want a fight between Africans, just put a title in play. I think a coalition is likely to happen. The first one might be me and [other contestants such as] Maurice Kamto or between myself, Serge Matomba and Cabral Libii”.




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