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SDF rubbishes ELECAM move to create polling centres in NW, SW

Militants of the Social Democratic Front(SDF) have condemned the move by Elections Cameroon(ELECAM)to delocalise polling stations in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

According to ELECAM officials, in trying to provide solutions to the problem of growing insecurity in the North West and South West Regions, polling stations in the two Regions will be lumped together to form polling centres.

This, according to ELECAM will guarantee the safety of voters.

The decision by ELECAM to delocalise polling stations in the Anglophone Regions is contained in a communiqué signed on Tuesday October 2, 2018.

As the October 7 Presidential elections draw closer, there are indications that not all the registered voters in the restive Anglophone Regions in Cameroon would be able to express their civic rights due to the delocalisation of polling stations.

SDF militants argue that the move by ELECAM to delocalise polling stations is illegal.

“We of the SDF are total against the decision of ELECAM concerning the delocalisation of polling stations in the upcoming Presidential election in the Anglophone Regions. We are aware of the level of insecurity in those two regions such that administrative authorities have challenges in securing themselves,” Barrister Mustapha Ngwane stated.

He further argued that creating polling centres kilometres away from home is putting the lives of the population in the Anglophone Regions at risk, where movement of persons and motor bikes are restricted.

“You know in the Anglophone Regions there is curfew and even when there is no curfew, circulation of bikes is restricted thus in such a case how would the population go and vote,” he lamented.

Barrister Mustapha Ngwane has described the action by ELECAM to delocalise polling stations as discrimination against the English-speaking population.

“ELECAM and the Government are organising themselves to remove the Anglophone from the electoral process”.

SDF has therefore tabled a proposal to the election governing body, urging her maintain the polling stations in their previous location.

To the SDF militants, it will be safer for the population to vote in polling stations next to their homes because there will be no military to accompany the voters to far distance polling stations.

The 2018 Presidential election in Cameroon will take place in less than five days and till now it is not known how many polling Centres have so far been created by ELECAM in the Anglophone Regions.






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