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Don’t vote gamblers, leader of Presidential Majority cautions Cameroonians

The leader of the Presidential Majority and Chairman of the United Democratic Party(UDP) El-Hadj Lawan Bako, has cautioned Cameroonians against voting for candidates whom he described as gamblers on Sunday, October 7.

Bako sounded the words of caution recently as he launched campaigns in support of incumbent President, Paul Biya ahead of the poll in Bamenda, North West Region.

The UDP Chair said, the opposition candidates have no experience in managing State affairs unlike incumbent Paul Biya. Bako said the CPDM candidate whom his party has equally endorsed has a track record in different spheres which Cameroonians can see.

He cited Biya’s shrewdness in the Bakasssi Crisis, the liberalisation of the economy, press and political pluralism. Bako cited Biya’s achievements in the domains of health, education, sports among others as very telling of a candidate worth voting for.

X-raying the opposition candidates, the UDP Chair said, the inability of the opposition candidates to form a coalition is a sign of failure.

Bako chided candidates like Joshua Osih, Franklin Ndifor Afanwi and Akere Muna for not outlining in their political programmes measures on how they intend to end the Anglophone Crisis.

He questioned how Osih could outline a 24-point agenda without the Anglophone Crisis being given priority.

For Akere, Bako questioned what the lawyer of international repute has done to his Anglophone brethren despite all the positions he occupied. Bako slammed Ndifor of the Cameroon National Citizens Movement(CNCM) party for having no project on Anglophone soil to show to the people.

Critics of the politicians have accused him of trying to destabilise the strength of the Anglophone candidates in the race. They questioned his interest in cross examining only the projects of Anglophone candidates while staying mute on those of French-speaking origin.

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