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CPDM crushes Separatists’ attack, preaches Biya’s campaign gospel in deserted Bangem, Tombel

President Biya’s campaign gospel was successfully preached in Kupe-Muanenguba Division of the South West Region Cameroon, after security forces squeezed separatist forces, granting Ministers access into the deserted communities of the Division.

Military escorts which secured the campaign teams into Bangem and Tombel made an easy ride over pockets of gunmen who attempted to attack the convoy of Ministers and elite.

The September 29 resulted in huge loses in the camp of the separatists. The security forces are said to have encountered separatists on the way but the resistance ended with attackers retreating.

The National Times gathered that the security team first toured the road before signaling the vehicles of the ministers and elites to advance.

On the way to Bangem, a gun battle lasting over 2hours is said to have ensued in Muassum village. Here, at least 20 separatists are reported to have died in battle against security forces.

Reports hold that after the battle, the Ministers and other elite drove into a deserted Bangem and staged the political manifestation unperturbed.

On Sunday September 30, the campaign delegation had an easier ride on Tombel. Here, the team is said to have had a hitch free meeting. The separatists are said to have remained in hiding probably mourning the loss incurred on the Bangem axis.

In both lapses, elites such as former Minister Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Deputy Scribe at the Presidency of the Republic, Paul Elung Che, and other public office holders of Kupe-Muanenguba extraction answered present at the meetings.

The National Times gathered that the meetings showed a picture of a gathering of elites without their people. Tombel and Bangem  population have long abandoned their homes owing to security threats.

Sources told The National Times that the Divisional campaign team is finalising strategies to transport displaced populations in neighbouring towns to vote.

The displaced people from Kupe-Muanenguba are in Loum, Penja and Mbanga in the Littoral Region and will be picked up on Saturday, October 6 at undisclosed locations to Tombel and other places where they will be able to vote.

The current socio-political developments in the North West and South West Regions have made campaigns for the Presidential poll a nightmare for Kupe-Muanenguba elite. President Biya’s CPDM party enjoys a huge following in villages across Kupe-Muanenguba. It remains to be seen if the current crisis has threatened that bond.

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