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Buyers stranded as markets fail to reopen after October 1 scare

Some inhabitants in the city of Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon are still stranded as the city’s major markets remain deserted days after the October 1 scare.

Since Tuesday, October 2, city dwellers mostly women have gone through ordeals to get food stuffs and other items to feed their families.

Women have been spotted stranded in front of markets with shopping bags. These are mostly presumed to be families with low purchasing power, who could not stock food at home to prepare against the uncertainties.

During the weekend leading to the controversial October 1 in Cameroon, families shopped till nightfall in preparation of what separatists had declared was going to be a showdown with security forces.

With the Presidential election expected to be held this Sunday, October 7, it is evident that economic activities will remain grounded for many days.

The prizes of basic commodities had spiralled in the face of the mass buying of food items.

A tray of egg had witnessed an extra cost of FCFA 700.

Items such spaghetti, milk among others were already in short supply across major markets in Kumba.

Food items such as cocoayams and plantains were also available in limited quantities.

The same was observed for vegetables.

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