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Osih tells voters: Biya is a war candidate, I’m for peace

The flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party to the October 7 Presidential election, Hon Joshua Nambangi Osih, has presented himself to the people of the South Region as a harbinger of peace which the nation desperately needs.

“Paul Biya is a candidate of war, I’m a candidate for peace, so if you want war for the next seven years, vote Paul Biya, but if you want peace vote for Joshua Osih,” the SDF candidate said in the South Region, the political bastion of Paul Biya.

Osih addressing potential voters

Osih said Biya is good at declaring war and according to him, the North, East and West are in war and if the incumbent is not booted out of power, the entire country would soon be engulfed by war.

Joshua Osih who tried in vain to reduce the election as a dwell between his party, the SDF and the ruling CPDM has projected himself as the new generation of a party of freedom fighters which fought hard for the reintroduction of multi-party democracy in Cameroon.

With the conflict in the Anglophone Regions on the rise which Osih pinpointed as one of the major problems of Cameroon, there is growing uncertainty about the conduct of the election in these two Regions which Osih is counting on.

Osih with a traditional staff of authority, given by the Chiefs of the South Region

Indicative of this is the fact that since campaigns started no opposition candidate, including Osih has successfully staged a campaign rally in the North West and South West Regions. Akere Muna struggled and entered Limbe but the scare of Ambazonia fighters limited his rally only to the population of Limbe.

The ballot paper that will change Cameroon?

Paul Biya also canceled his visit to Buea and the rare CPDM outings there was staged before the crowds of CPDM militants ferried into Buea from Douala and Yaoundé.

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