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Tchiroma, Atanga NJi talk tough, warn opposition against instigating electoral violence

Cameroon’s Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, and Paul Nji Atanga in charge of Territorial Administration have cautioned candidates to Sunday’s Presidential election against instigating post-election violence.

Atanga and Tchiroma made the joint declarations during a press conference in Yaounde on Friday, October 5, reassuring the national and international community that tomorrows elections will meet prescribed democratic standards.

Besides the assurances, the Ministers came hard on any candidate(s) that will engage in provoking any form of violence during or after the Presidential poll.

In a statement read out to the media, Tchiroma said the Government has received reliable information about political actors with foreign interest who want to destabilise Cameroon through post-election violence.

Tchiroma cautioned such to watch out because the Government will not tolerate such of conspiracy. The Minister said, those planning to instigate electoral violence may end up being surprised, given the preparedness of the State to ensure public peace and order.

At the same meeting, Minister Atanga Nji expressed shock that some candidates are already claiming victory for an election yet to take place.

Atanga cited the pronouncements of the Campaign Manager of Maurice Kamto, Paul Eric Kingue. The Minister said, Kingue was already ascribing victory to his candidate whereas the nation is still to vote.

The Minister said such will not be tolerated given that; there are competent bodies in charge of managing elections in the country.

Both Ministers maintained in their outing that the election will take place across the 10 Regions of Cameroon. They insisted that all has been put in place to ensure public peace and order during and after the election.

Political observers have criticised both Ministers for coming hard on the opposition candidates. Critics have uploaded videos of Minister Tchiroma claiming victory for incumbent candidate Paul Biya at a recent campaign rally in the Northern Regions.

Atanga and Tchiroma both rushed into Yaounde Friday from different campaign fronts for candidate Biya to perform their Ministerial functions.


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