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Insecurity to threaten voters turn out in NW, SW

Threats to social peace across the North West and South Regions of Cameroon is the major hurdle that will hold back thousands of potential voters from going to vote on Sunday October 7, for a new president, The National Times has investigated.

Hundreds of potential voters spread across the two trouble-plagued Regions are likely to stay indoors within the voting hours of 6:00 am to 6:00pm, owing to raging gun battles and endless deaths recorded in towns and villages of the two Region.

Less than 24 hours to voting day, a number of potential voters told The National Times that they are undecided given the unstable atmosphere on the streets.

A father of four, who spoke on condition of anonymity regrets that “I have four children with voters’ cards and we were preparing to go vote, but what I have experienced in the last four days…. I doubt if anyone in my house will go out tomorrow,” the potential voter asserted.

Geogette, a first year University student said “my pain is that the current Anglophone Crisis has ended up threatening my civic right… I have never voted before… I was looking forward to October 7 with a lot of excitement…. But my parents have advised me to stay indoors.”

Another potential voter who opted for anonymity stated categorically that, “there is no reason risking your life in the name of going to vote when security is not intact. How do you expect me to go and vote when security forces and separatists’ groups have gone on the rampage against the electorates,” our source questioned.

Before now, the lingering Anglophone Crisis has emptied the two Regions of potential voters. Thousands remain stranded in Nigeria as refugees. Back home, a good number of potential voters are still in the bushes while thousands have crossed over into the French-speaking part of the country.

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