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Opposition parties denied Laissez-passer to monitor election

Cameroon opposition parties running for October 7 Presidential election have been denied Laissez-passer or access from Government authorities in the South West Region to move around and monitor elections from one polling stations.

Opposition parties have poured out their frustration as they cannot move freely to monitor election because they have been denied access.

Officials of SDF, CRM/PFD send to monitor election in the South West Region have been stocked at the Buea Independence Square with their vehicles unable to move from one polling station to another.

According to one of the officials of the SDF party, the authorities have told them to get such laissez-passer documents from ELECAM.

“I have been to the SDO in Limbe, DO of Buea and the Governor Office to collect laissez-passer, but I was told to visit the ELECAM Regional Office here in Buea. I have gone to the ELECAM office and was told to get it from the SDO or the Governor. I am confused”, the SDF official lamented.

The National Times approached the ELECAM Head Office in Buea to know why the opposition parties were denied access to monitor elections, but the ELECAM officials said all political parties should get those access documents from the South West administration.

Voting has started at the Court of Appeal in Buea with extremely timid turnout.

Meantime, gunshots continue to be heard in most areas in Buea.



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