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Presidential candidates cast their votes in uncertain election

By past midday on October 7, all the Presidential aspirants had cast their votes at the various polling stations in the national territory.

The day started with the youngest of them, Cabral Libii of UNIVERS party who voted at about 10:00am. It was a visibly dissatisfied Cabral, who said there are already irregularities to discredit the opposition.

He was followed by PURS candidate, Serge Espoir Matomba who voted at the Government School Bonamatoumba in Douala. He expressed his joy and declared that it is a civic duty to be done by all Cameroonians.

It was about 10:45am when Garga Haman Adji of ADD voted at his native village of Markaba, few kilometres away from Maroua, capital of the Far North Region.

He called on the people of the Grand North to use their electoral strength and propel him to the Presidency. Few minutes after, in another town, Douala, candidate Joshua Osih of the SDF was casting his votes at the Joss Government High School.

“It is a very important to exercise, more than just voting the President of the Republic, but the future of our country,”Osih said after voting.

Just around midday, candidate Maurice Kamto made his way into the Pi and Ju primary school, Etoudi, Yaoundé with his wife were they also voted and he was visibly calm.

Ndifor Afanwi Franklin wore his spiritual garment today again after a long absence campaigning and preferred to give glory to God first at the Kingship International Ministries, Bonaberi, Douala where he is the Chief Shepherd, called Prophet Frank. Thereafter, he moved with an impressive delegation to the Government Bilingual High School, Bonaberi where he performed the voting exercise.

At, 12:00, incumbent Paul Biya made his entry into the polling station 1, at the Government Bilingual School Bastos where he was registered voter number 1.

Accompanied by wife, Chantal, they took less than 10 minutes to vote. In a rare meeting with the press where only the CRTV was allowed to pose questions, Paul Biya told the press that he is satisfied with the overall process especially campaigns which according to him were done in all serenity.

Akere Muna carefully waited for Paul Biya to vote and leave before making his way to the same polling station to vote.

It was a similar exercise for Dr Adamou Ndam Njoya, who performed his civic responsibility in one of the polling stations in his native Foumban.

Even though Ndam Njoy has been absent in most of the campaign period due to health reasons, the emeritus varsity don surfaced yesterday  to cast his vote today.

After casting their votes, an uncertain and nervy 15 days will now haunt the Presidential candidates as ELECAM compiles the results will the Constitutional Council is expected to proclaim the results of the election after 15 days.


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